About Me

I don’t want to be famous, not Instagram famous or Twitter famous or any other kind of famous that is measured through number. I don’t want to be a mom blogger or influencer or sponsored sellout.

I just want to be me. I want my edges to be messy and my lines to be bent. Because that’s what life is, isn’t it? It’s sloppy and rugged and profoundly beautiful all at once.

I want to write words that matter and brazenly dance with joy between my bones.

I want to feel the life filling up my soul until it spills over and floods this darkened earth with light.

I want connection, to tell you that you matter. I want to cry with you in the depths of your despair and celebrate with you on the heights of your triumphs.

I want to love, unconditionally and without pretense.

This digital world we’ve created for ourselves is strange, isn’t it? The follow/unfollow game; the hustle, hustle, hustle to get more and more and more; the ME! ME! ME! and NOW! NOW! NOW!

But this little space for me, it will never be a platform. No. This little space will be an echo of my heart. And if others join in on the circus, well, I hope to share the beauty and the love and the utter chaos that is our unfiltered life.

Because in the end, it is YOU who matters. You, with a beating heart and a wild soul, are not a number to slap onto an ego.

You are loved here.