The Extraordinary Life

It was an ordinary day at an ordinary time, and we set out to do ordinary things.

Grocery shopping!

And so we left, Judah and I, with a handful of bags and a list full of food. We rummaged for apples while talking about their color and looked curiously on at the table of samples from which we consumed.

It was all obnoxiously ordinary.

But then something happened in the coffee aisle. That’s where the shift took place. You see, in one instant I was yielding to my caffeine addiction, and in the very next instant I was desperately trying to keep a toddler from knocking down a stack of biscotti. And that was it — the moment the ordinary turned extraordinary. Because over the abrasive drone of the coffee grinder, I thought about all of the other ordinary times I had been down that aisle. . . alone, all of the times my heart ached for new life, all of the times I dreamed of moments like the one I was living, right there in that coffee aisle.

And that’s the unforeseen gift of infertility, you see. Because on the most ordinary day at the most ordinary time, you realize that you are actually doing the most extraordinary thing.

And that’s a gift I am so thankful for. . . in the most extraordinary way.

Quick story behind this video:

I stood in the check out line tossing corn up into the air to make Judah laugh. The lady behind me looked at us with a wide-eyed grin as she grabbed my phone from my hand and said, “you have to let me film this. You’re going to want to look back at this moment someday.” And wouldn’t you know it? The day I wrote this very essay, this video popped up on my timehop. One year ago! And so, thank you, kind stranger. You were right.

P.S. My kid loves hummus.

The end.

2 thoughts on “The Extraordinary Life

  1. I love this. Having been through years of infertility before the adoption of my oldest son, and subsequent births of my second son and daughter… I think about these extraordinary moments often. And smile. Especially the crazy ones that for a moment you want to scream and quit. I find it humorous when my husband will oversee a crazy (helpless) parenting moment and say to me with a wink “we prayed for this”. Bahahaha. Yes. Yes we did ♥️

    1. Toooooooooootally understand this! Ha! Infertility has given those hard moments some grace. They’re still hard, but they’re also so beautiful because they’re real. ??

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