Our Borrowed Home

We don’t have much of a house. In fact, we don’t even have a house, we live in an apartment. But every night, way up here on the third floor, we are home. We are home because in-between these borrowed walls that don’t belong to us, we belong to each other. And every night, way up in the skyline, we find rest. It’s where stories go to dwell in the mind of a small boy. It’s where love is lived through late-night reruns of American Pickers. It’s where that big, hefty sigh from the work of a long day is quenched. Right here, in-between these borrowed walls.

And the mornings. Oh, the mornings are my favorite in this little home we’ve made for ourselves. We shuffle out to the living room, Judah and I — he, wide-eyed and ready for the day; me, groggy and coffee deprived. And then we sit. We stake our claim right there on the living room floor and we play pretend with fake phones and read stories about grumpy fish. I sip my coffee while he eats his banana, and we deliberate on the day’s upcoming events.

And then off we go to see the world, to feel the newness of the day and rest in it for a bit. Our feet touch the edge of land while seashells reside in the palms of our hands. And then we’ll talk. I’ll point out birds and trees and the colors of the rainbow. And Judah will babble in excited wonder.

But we always come back, you see, back to our little home in the sky. Because it’s where the hush of the day is savored. It’s where we eat and rest and love — David, Judah and I. . . together. And so, yes, these borrowed walls do not belong to us, but the memories we make here do. And that is worth more than an address.

It is everything.    

14 thoughts on “Our Borrowed Home

  1. The conclusion sent fuzzy chills down my spine Brittany?. Very well written and, oh, so true- hence the fuzzy chills. Good job Brit. I love you???.

  2. I love this! As empty nesters that are physically and financially unable to keep up the big house we used to have, we are renting a cute, really little cape cod and I have never been happier. Even though we are at the opposite end of our life as I’m sure you are looking forward to owning a nice home with a yard, garden etc. some day, and we have had all of that, I can still relate to the happiness you feel inside your borrowed walls.

  3. Oh my, Brittany! Your talent is outstanding! Everything everyone has said before me is so true. But I must add what I see in this post – Judah is a very, lucky little boy! He has a Mom who truly enjoys her time with him – teaching and guiding him. He has a Dad who demonstrates love for him and his Mommy. Judah has two wonderful parents guiding him to be an amazing man some day – all too soon, my dear. The time will fly by, but I can see you are enjoying every moment. I love the three of you!

    1. Thank you so much! The time has certainly ALREADY flown by. I can see how quickly it’s slipping between our fingers.

  4. This is so heartwarming! I really like the video clip. I hope you don’t mind me asking but what is the name of the book that was being read in the video clip?

    1. It’s called Bedtime Treasury. It’s comprised of a bunch of Bible stories and prayers for young children. Judah really enjoys it. ☺️

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