California Won’t Fall (Part 2)

Every October, California likes to do this thing where it pretends like it’s summer, and every October, I like to do this thing where I pretend like it’s fall. It’s a nasty little war of sorts, one that leaves you sweating in your nice knitted sweater the very second you step foot out of the air conditioning.

But I try, I do. I bake pumpkin bread in my sweltering kitchen and fill our house with hues of orange and yellow. I celebrate the brown, crusty leaves that get scorched in the California sun and meet their doom on the sides of the blistering hot asphalt. And I drag my family out to stare at pumpkins and pick apples in ninety degree weather. We even skip nap-time for it (as made evident by Judah’s cheery face in all of the photos).

So, here it is. Our best defense in our war for Autumn.

You can read part one of this saga here.

One thought on “California Won’t Fall (Part 2)

  1. Brittany, it’s fall here in the HD. 😀 You’re just not used to real SoCal weather yet. For me, it’s always a surprise just how cool it is up here. Of course, a long time ago when we arrived in SoCal, we had to get used to suffering through just the way you are now, but you’ll get used to nearly year-around summer one of these years. I <3 U and your adorable family.

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