Will It Sleep?


I only use it when I’m desperate — Hot Dog. When the chicken in the pan is threatened with being charred, or the nail clippers need to do their magic on Judah’s talon-like nails — that’s when I pull out THE MOUSE.  


On Saturday at 4 a.m., we were desperate. “Play Hot Dog!” David cried out in a sleep-deprived stupor. And that’s when I knew it was serious.


We had arrived in Las Vegas on a Friday. “Road trip,” we said. “It’ll be fun!” And it was fun… until night fell on the unfamiliar and sleep evaded even our most rigorous attempts to find it. We tried everything — rocking, bouncing, feeding. None of it worked. And so, on Saturday at 4 in the morning, we gave in. Hot Dog looped on repeat for 40 glorious minutes while David and I enjoyed the longest stretch of sleep we were able to sneak in that night.


The following day was met with an abundance of coffee and unadulterated fear as we looked toward the next night. We hauled our bodies through the rigors of the day and finally made it through to sunset. That’s when we deliberated.


I knew it was crazy, I did. But as I rummaged through Target in the middle of Las Vegas that night with the threat of another night’s worth of Hot Dog looming over us, it seemed perfectly reasonable. “Please God,” I pleaded in desperation, “let me find it.”


And just like that, the gates of Heaven opened up as my eyes frantically fixed themselves on the VERY LAST swing in stock. I knew it would work. So, with the hope of a good night’s sleep dangling before me, I set the pinkest, most frilly looking swing in my shopping cart and darted straight for that checkout line.


That night was like magic. I mean, we did have to finish our dinner in the bathroom. Because the idea of eating next to the toilet was a lot more enticing than waking Judah and spending another night without sleep. And it was there, with Mexican food on the bathroom counter and a bottle of wine in the sink, that I realized we had a serious problem on our hands. Judah needed to be sleep trained, and it had to be done SOON.  



We went to work when we got home, placing him in his crib only to run back in 5 minutes later to soothe the protesting screams that ensued. It continued this way for months, and night-after-night, he’d somehow end up back in that darn swing. We were weak and needed some confidence.


That confidence came when we received our iBaby monitor. So, on a Wednesday night — armed with popcorn, a bottle of wine, and our baby monitor — we did it. Our worried eyes glanced back-and-forth to the iPad, which was transmitting all of Judah’s hefty screams through the iBaby camera. We kept glancing at the temperature displayed on the left hand corner of the screen. A solid 75 degrees was all I needed to see to put my heart at ease. He was safe, comfortable, and, well… mad.

That night our feet trudged the hallway to his room a dozen different times. 
It took one hour until his eyes met slumber. Now he sleeps through the night in his crib without any protest, and I sleep peacefully with the iPad next to me as the iBaby monitor keeps watch over our little snoozer. 

Camera - Final (1 of 1) Judah Sleep - Final (1 of 1) iBaby - Final (1 of 1) Judah Box - Final (1 of 1) Judah Box 2 - Final (1 of 1)

 {Disclaimer: Parts of this post are sponsored}

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  1. Britt this is taking me back to when Marli was a tiny thing and we were on sleep schedules. Also little man looks so happy with his new camera!

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