Motherhood Is. . .

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Motherhood is asking David to change Judah’s diaper and then waiting for the panic to set in.

“Oh. My. Gosh.” He’ll shriek from the other room. “Send reinforcements!” And that’s when we’ll go to war with diapers wipes. 

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Motherhood is sinking down deep into your seat at church and wondering if the people next to you can smell the spit up on your sweater.


Motherhood is doing the army crawl across the bedroom floor in an attempt to avoid eye contact with an almost sleeping baby so that you can grab your phone off of the bedside table.  


Motherhood is coffee. Enough said.

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Motherhood is employing your best creative skills when you walk into a public bathroom and find that there’s no changing table.


Motherhood is making up songs for diaper changing time:

1-2-3, don’t you pee pee on me.

4-5-6, let’s all sing the wee-mix!

7-8-9, STOP! It’s pee pee time!

. . . aaaaaaaaaaand you’re welcome.


Motherhood is reexamining the world through your baby’s eyes and seeing so much adventure to behold.

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 Motherhood is yawning your way through date night because you made the mistake of going out past 7 p.m.


Motherhood is looping this song over-and-over-and-over-and-over. 

. . . and promptly learning all of the lyrics so that you can belt it out to your impatiently waiting child as you try to make it through your shower.


Motherhood is going full quarantine-mode when there’s a sickness in the family.



Motherhood is doing the most absurd things over-and-over again because you’ll do anything for a giggle. 

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Motherhood is smiling up at God and whispering a hearty, “thank you.” Because all of this, every bit of it, is everything you’ve ever longed for.

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