The Moment is Now

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Soooooo, I have this friend. She’s the type of friend who inspires — the one who eggs you on with outlandish dreams and fills your soul with so much hope. She’s a gem, that one. And she wrote a book!


You see, here’s the thing. I could go on and on about her and this amazing book, but this is a guest post for crying out loud, and darn it, it’s rude to hog the spotlight. So, keep reading for her story and a little bit of background behind our friendship and her book, The Moment is Now.


And psst, do you know you can get the book for just $0.99 right now?! I’d jump right on that sucker because the price goes up on Sunday! Just saying.


Although I had met Brittany years before, it wasn’t until September 2013 that I actually got to know her. We were both up to our ears in longings and letdowns and our hearts were aching. You couldn’t tell this from the outside, but internally we felt crushed and defeated.


At the time I felt so alone, surrounded by people who loved me but didn’t seem to understand my aching heart. They didn’t seem to understand how deeply I longed for a spouse and yet how much hope I had in God’s plan for my life. They gave me advice I didn’t want and pity I didn’t need.


As we got to know each other, we quickly realized that although our longings were different, our hearts were connected in a unique and beautiful way. As you know, Brittany’s heart longed to hold her baby in her arms. While my heart longed to stand at the altar and say “I Do” to the man I would spend the rest of my life loving.


My heart sang as Brittany and I talked about our longings and desires. Here was a woman who understood my hurt but never let me sit in it for too long. She read my late night, tear-filled emails written after coming home alone from another wedding. And in the end she reminded me that God had a plan far more beautiful than I could imagine.


In my new book The Moment is Now: Do More Than Just Survive Your Single Years, Practical Tips to Live Them for God’s Glory, I write about my own journey of singleness. I share how after waiting around for my knight-in-shining-armor to rescue me for far too long, I came to realize that this time of singleness is actually a gift! And most importantly how I finally began to live for God’s glory, not despite my singleness but because of my singleness!

Book Cover Final 3D

Order your copy of the book here! Again, $0.99, you guys. DO IT!

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