Avoiding the Gym: A How-to Guide

Last weekend, as I slowly sipped the coffee from my oversized mug, I struck a deal with myself. It was the sort of deal that only coffee can make seem sensible. So, in a caffeine-filled delirium, I set my mind on the gym.


It seemed like a good idea at the time, it really did. But as each sip brought me closer to the end of my cup, I felt the rebellion in me grow wild. Because who works out on the weekends anyway?!


But there it was, that deal I had made. And there I was, weaseling my way out of it. Because, darn it! I was hungry and our cupboard was in a sad state of affairs. So, I made a list and set out to fix this little dilemma. Because, really, the gym could wait until after I got home, right?


But our fridge! Oh, our fridge was on the verge of catastrophe. I mean, there’s a real problem when you find a half-eaten apple sitting next to a stale loaf of bread. And, really, the gym could wait a little while longer. So, an hour later? Problem solved!


But I knew my date with the gym was on the road to trouble when my husband asked if I wanted to grab some Indian food at one of the hippest places in town. Surely, I couldn’t resist.



img_2372.jpg(I had to sneak this one in here because, you guys! THAT BELLY!)



And when it was all said and done — when there was food in the fridge and my belly had been satiated — I opted for a little bit of pampering by taking time to review these Arbonne products that were recently sent to me.


The verdict? They’re amazing! I mean, do you know how hard it is to find products you can trust? Their products are 100% botanically based AND this stuff just makes your face feel AMAZING. img_2380-1.jpg


And then, let me just say that these fizz sticks are where it’s at. They give you the perfect boost of energy while providing your body with so many amazing nutrients.



So, while I didn’t make it to the gym that day, I DID have an amazing afternoon at the pool sipping on a fizz stick. Because, let’s be real, you’ve got to substitute wine for something when you’re pregnant.



To see these and other Arbonne products available, click here.

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