An Update!


On the most foolish day at the most asinine hour, I said the most absurd thing. “David!” I said with preposterous passion. “I am going to be THE healthiest pregnant woman! This baby will get nothing but the best.” And as I chugged down my freshly pressed juice complete with enough antioxidants to make any human-being completely indestructable, I believed it. I actually believed it.


…Until I found myself on the couch one sad night. David was away, and I was sick. Horribly sick. And, darn it, all I wanted was a freaking pizza. So, I did what any self-respecting pregnant woman would do. I sat on that couch and I mulled over the options. Domino’s offered gluten-free crust, but Domino’s was a whole $10 more than Pizza Hut, and besides, I didn’t haaaaaaaave to be gluten-free anymore. But would I feel good about shoving a greasy cheese pizza in my mouth? I mean, the LEAST I could do was make it gluten-free.


But, no. Just in that instant, my pregnant belly began betraying all rationality. It wanted gluten. . . and extra cheese. . . and pepperoni. So, there I found myself 20 minutes later on that couch stuffing my face with everything that went against my better judgement.


And now, here’s the thing, can we talk about sleep for a second? Because that’s ALL I’ve been doing. My days cycle through a series of four main events: work, sleep, food, sleep. Sometimes things even get interesting and vomit will make its way into the mix, which is inevitably followed by “David! Quick! Rub my back!” And then? More sleep. And just when I think I’ve reached my sleep quota for the day. . . BOOM! 15 minutes later, my eyes get droopy and I suddenly feel like






And, by the way, why didn’t someone warn me about the horrible misfortune of suddenly finding hummus completely repulsive?!


Nevertheless, I am grateful. So grateful.

So, once I fully find myself out of this 1st trimester coma, I hope to update more. But for now, here are some highlights from the past several weeks.





3 thoughts on “An Update!

  1. Although I’m sorry for your discomfort this made me smile because I too swore that I would give my baby the best start any baby has ever been given. Ever. Four months into pregnancy after losing 7lbs and deciding all food was disgusting I lived on sour dough bread and oranges with an occasional fast food hamburger. Embrace the sleep, it’s what you need, and while you sleep I’ll chase my babe and say some prayers that the following two trimesters are kind to you.

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