I Know We’re Getting Old

I know we're getting old


I know we’re getting old because:

David and I like do this thing where we guzzle up copious amounts of coffee in the morning. And that caffeine. Oh, that caffeine will make you think the most absurd thoughts. “What do you want to do when we get off work today?” he’ll say with that adventurous twang dripping from his lips. “Oh, I don’t know. How about DISNEYLAND?” I’ll respond in a coffee stupor.


And that’ll settle it well until 1pm when one of us will inevitably say to the other, “Are you still up for Disneyland?” To which the other will respond, “Let’s see how we feel when we get off work.” And that’s the beginning of the end, you see, because that caffeine only gets you so far, doesn’t it?


And then 5pm finds its way into our grand plans. And 5pm is always such a drag. Because 5pm means yoga pants and sleepy eyes. And that’s precisely when we’ll find ourselves on the couch in deep deliberation. Disneyland does sound fun, but these yoga pants! Do you think they could pass for a pair of leggings? And, gee, would you look at that traffic? And hey! There’s a new episode of The Walking Dead.


And just like that, it’s over. Our 5pm quickly turns into 9pm, and there we are on that couch watching zombies eat people.


Speaking of… Glenn, you guys! What happened to Glenn?!



I know we’re getting old because:

On our way to dinner the other night, David and I carefully considered which, out of the three nearest Targets, was the best.


“The Target at the Spectrum is just such a hassle because of the crowds,” I said with passion.


“And the Target parking lot at the Marketplace is just too congested. I think it’s the way they designed the lot,” he said, matching my zeal.


“So, that settles it then. The Target on Barranca is the best.”


Case closed. 


I know we’re getting old because:

We get grouchy when the hummus is gone. I mean, the real mysterious part about it all is how those empty hummus containers make their way back into the fridge instead of the trashcan. Huh. Baffling, isn’t it?



I know we’re getting old because:

TOMORROW IS DAVID’S BIRTHDAY, and you know? Getting old with this guy is a dream.

Happy birthday, my love. You are my very best friend.

3 thoughts on “I Know We’re Getting Old

  1. “Birthday Week!” Don’t forget all these: Greg, Justin, David, Timmy, Chris!! Have I forgotten anyone? Love you all. XXXXXXXOOOOOO

  2. My heart goes out to all with fertility issues. We attempted to fight that fight and thought we won. I made it to 38 weeks when our baby girl passed. I currently lay in the hospital awaiting delivery of a little girl I will never see grow up. Brittany don’t give up you are truely an inspiration and I pray you win this battle! We are so very blessed with our son age 7 and despite our loss now I am trying to chase the light holding on to the blessings I have been given. Although our battle ends with tragedy I pray Brittany yours ends with joy.

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