The Beauty in the Chaos

Beauty in the Chaos

Sometimes life moves at a pace I am uncomfortable with, flying faster than my legs can keep up. Emails accumulate, text messages go unanswered, and date nights become trips to the grocery store. But these legs of mine, they do try — running down this avenue to get to that avenue, always racing, racing, racing to fit it all in.


But the fatigue, it outruns these ambitious limbs each and every time. And these legs, oh, these legs feel it — trudging ever forward to accomplish this and that . . . and that and that and that. The moments scamper through these hurried feet, lingering just long enough to taste the sweetness they leave in their wake.


And though this California thermometer is dead set on making summer linger into what is rightfully entitled to fall, I can start to see little pieces of summer subsiding, finally bringing these hasty legs a moment of reprieve. And it’s in these lethargic moments that fall craftily supplies a moment of recollection — a time to see the beauty all of the chaos has supplied. Because though these legs have been beaten down with frantic activity, they are stronger than they were when summer began. And isn’t that just like life — always providing beauty in the midst of exhaustion.


So, here are all of the unexpected highlights this relentless summer has administered — the beauty in the chaos.


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