Last week was one of those weeks. You know the type. The ones where each day is met with a new obligation, and each new obligation is met with tired limbs trailing not too far behind — ever increasing in fatigue with each passing day. I saw it coming. I did. Our calendar silently plotted against us as those empty little timeslots gorged themselves on tasks. One-by-one, they all fell victim to the busyness of life.


But I fought back valiantly, ransacking our calendar for any sign of weakness. Until… BOOM. There it was. Thursday.


Thursday, that wildly rebellious thing. She sat there amongst the restless bustle of the week with nothing but a blinking cursor and a stark white box staring back at me. And I couldn’t help but indulge. I mean, there it was. That massive blank space on our calendar. I had to save her. So, I did it. My fingers diligently tapped across the keyboard to brazenly display the words: DATE NIGHT.


And just as Thursday fell victim to my sudden whim, we also fell victim to Thursday’s new demand, now firmly etched into our iPhones. So, the very second “quittin’ time” commenced and the glow of our computers dimmed to a quiet lull, we set off with hearts full of impulse. Well, let’s be real, we did sit in the car for 45 mins trying to figure out what to do. We’re excellent at making decisions. You know, questions like, “where should we go eat” are lengthy endeavors. BUUUUT, that’s a story for another day. Onward…

After intense deliberation, we ended up at Crystal Cove where we participated in robust discussions, hearty meals, and rambunctious exploits. Thursday, she was good to us, that ol’ defiant thing.








I will have all of you know that I, Brittany Calavitta, partook in the “manly” meal on the left, complete with a Manhattan, while David on the other hand… Hmmm. We confuse the server every. single. time.




Oh, and hey! This was fun! I’m learning all there is to know about our camera. But geez. If I could only count all of the “uh, no” faces I got from David when I said, “Quick! Do something funny,” I’d be one rich lady. Sigh.

5 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Brittany! I stumbled across your Instagram (you were a suggested person for me!) and I’m so glad I did. I don’t know if you remember me (from when you guys were in Lake O). I was just thinking about you the other day and hoping all was well and all was well. Good to “see” you! Maia

    1. Maia! I’m so glad Instagram reconnected us! David and I have been talking about making a trip back to Lake O sometime. We think about all of you an awful lot.

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