The Westward Sun

I wanted to see it. All of it. So when my weary eyes started to droop with the weight of exhaustion, I craned my eyelids back into my skull with robust determination for adventure. And I stared. Eyes fixed on the glass beside me, I peered through the window as the trees zipped rapidly by. And I watched them change. Mile-after-mile, as our rubber tires met the westward pavement, I observed in restless wonder as they morphed from towering pines to mossy oaks, from mossy oaks to rigid cacti, from rigid cacti to soaring palms. And as the western sun pulled us further from the Atlantic, my feet grew impatient for adventure, incessantly provoked by the intrigue of uncharted land. And so we set out, my husband and I, with bold hearts and inquisitive minds, engulfed in the promise of now. And we grasped onto that now with bitter strength, not looking too far ahead at the uncertainty awaiting or too far behind at the uncertainty we departed. And that “now” administered a wonderful journey that provided some of these highlights…


Alabama sunsets



Stops for boiled peanuts at roadside stands in Mississippi (a southern staple I have come to love).



Charming strolls through New Orleans, which entailed hopping over puddles and staring in admiration at streets such as this. Be still, my heart!



Beignets at Cafe du Monde. Tell me, who could resist?!




Taming my overflowing heart as music filled each street corner in the city. New Orleans, I love you, you enchanting city, you.



One happy (and spoiled) dog who traversed the country with us.



A taillight mishap in the middle of Louisiana that forced by husband to boy-scout that sucker back together. Zip ties and a lighter is all he used. He’s some sort of a super hero, that one.



Seeing our Goddaughter in Texas



Exploring Cadillac Ranch



Route 66 pit stops in Arizona



…with ice cream, of course!



Peering over the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon



…and taking selfies.




Listening as my husband shared his heart with me.

This, by far, was my favorite part of our journey.



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