On Days Like Today


On days like today, my vacant arms are full with the weight of this longing.

On days like today, I feel.

On days like today, I wonder when, and how, and… if.


And, darn it, on days like today, I just want gluten. Lots of gluten.

So yes, today, gluten, I choose YOU.


4 thoughts on “On Days Like Today

  1. I hear you! After giving up so mich for so long and seeing no results, I had a “stick it to the diet” day this weekend, too. Four pieces of toast and two pancakes. ❤️

    1. Hello! I want to start out saying a BIG thank you for your blog. I was reelntcy diagnosed with an endometriosis cyst on my right ovary, via ultrasound. I was devastated to hear that my only functioning ovary (my left fallopian tube is blocked) was in jeopardy. I was sad and confused, seeing I have never had any symptoms of endometriosis.Your blog was the first I came across when I began, franticly, scouring the Internet for help and answers. I took to your reccomendations, and started the endo diet. I cut out gluten, dairy, sugar, processed foods, and red meat. And then only free range chicken, fish, and eggs (rarely) and organic fresh fruits and vegetables. The juicing has been an awesome experience. I love the way my skin is looking I also started taking serrapeptase, fish oil, B complex, and countinued my prenatal vitamins.Well, today was my follow up (2.5 weeks after starting the diet) and I am thrilled to tell you that my 5.6 cm cyst is now 4.5 cm!!!!! I can’t believe it! I could tell right off the bat, that the cyst looked so much smaller. What an amazing thing!Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your information, your story has renewed my hope. I do hope that I will one day soon I’ll be able to tell you I am pregnant. Thank you again for this wonderful blog.-Chelsea

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