Georgia on my Mind

My soul craves adventure. The kind of adventure that leads you in breathless wonder as your feet carve out new paths on roads they do not know — each step marking a new experience, and each new experience marking a new memory.


And now I sit here with my feet extended up toward the sky, willing the blood away from them. They are swollen with adventure — some wonderful adventure, some scary adventure, some sorrowful adventure, but adventure, nonetheless. And they stare down at me, those bloated toes of mine, reminding me of all the exploits they led me into this past year — each step more audacious than the last. And I can’t help but smile softly to myself because through all of the uncertainty moving across the country brings, it has been a good year, hasn’t it?


Happy anniversary, Georgia! We have lived on your wonderfully strange and exquisite land for one year. Here are some things I’ve learned about you.


You’ve got this Fall thing down.



Your people really, really like college football. Wearing the wrong color on the wrong day could likely get you killed.

…I continue to be baffled by this.


You sound like the Amazon Jungle during the Summer months, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many insects in my life.


Your trees make my heart swoon.

Georgia on my Mind


…And your houses do, too



…And your quaint Southern neighborhoods. Sigh.



But waking up to tornado sirens? Yeah, not okay. Ever.



And the mosquitoes! Not cool, Georgia, not cool.


But the fireflies! Oh, those illuminating balls of magic.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite so enchanting in all of my days.


And this! This needs no words. Good job, Georgia! Absolutely breathtaking!



Our feet are good and gorged with adventure from this past year. And though this adventure has been met with some unforeseen hardship, it has also been met with some unforeseen joy. The people we have met, the experience we have gained, the places we have explored. These memories will linger in our hearts forever.

And for this, I am abundantly grateful.


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