Wild Hearts

Yesterday was a day for rambunctious exploits. Our rebellious souls yearned for untamed adventure and, finally, we obliged. So with an excited urgency in our hearts, we grabbed our “winter wear” (which, being from California, is sadly inadequate) and headed to the backwoods of North Carolina.

On the way up, we stopped so that our toes could touch the edge of this large ravine, and we gazed off in admiration of the beauty this land exudes… even in the midst of winter.


Then we took pictures on deserted roads in the middle of nowhere. We simply couldn’t resist.


And we eventually found ourselves on top of a mound of manufactured snow surrounded by people with the thickest southern accents you ever did hear. And we slid down this mound on inflatable rubber while letting out the most robust bouts of laughter possible.


And when we finally felt we had had enough, we took our chapped cheeks and red noses and made our way to the small southern town of Clayton, GA.


And we swapped thoughts about goals and hopes for the future over burgers and tater tots. Romantic, I know.



And we ran wildly through a field of grass so that we could stand in front of dilapidated shacks and form conclusions on how they got to be that way.


Then we stopped in on old general stores from the 1800’s


And admired the charm of a bygone era.

Blog7-InsideStoreAnd, finally, when our wild hearts had met their quotas for adventure, we made our way back down the mountain.

Blog7-SodaBlog7-SodaCarAnd we smiled to ourselves the entire way home because, well, life is beautiful, wouldn’t you say?


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