Brittany Calavitta

Faith, Family, Life, Longing.


The Arrival

I know that someday, hopefully soon, you will arrive. And you will be perfect. And you will be loved. And you will be mine. Welcome home, Judah! We’ve been waiting for you. Read more →


A Third Trimester Update! 

“Daaaaaaaaaavid,” I called out mid-pant. And as he came running, I saw the inexplicable terror on his face shift to that of amusement as he watched me hunched forward in a futile effort to tie my own shoelace. “Can you tie my shoe?” I said with heavy breath grasping my lungs. Because this, my friends, is the third trimester. And… Read more →



(Photo by Joy Theory Co)   “I can’t believe it,” he’ll say, suddenly stupefied by the fullness of my belly. “Me either,” I’ll remark with a quick pat to the midsection to authenticate the presence of life within. And we’ll stare. We’ll stare without words or pretense. We’ll stare with hope and fear and awe. We’ll stare at you.  … Read more →


Avoiding the Gym: A How-to Guide

Last weekend, as I slowly sipped the coffee from my oversized mug, I struck a deal with myself. It was the sort of deal that only coffee can make seem sensible. So, in a caffeine-filled delirium, I set my mind on the gym.   It seemed like a good idea at the time, it really did. But as each sip… Read more →