Brittany Calavitta

Faith, Family, Life, Longing.


Motherhood Is. . .

Motherhood is asking David to change Judah’s diaper and then waiting for the panic to set in. “Oh. My. Gosh.” He’ll shriek from the other room. “Send reinforcements!” And that’s when we’ll go to war with diapers wipes.    Motherhood is sinking down deep into your seat at church and wondering if the people next to you can smell the… Read more →


The Village

My village had resisted growth for months, and I began to feel it. I remember the progression, when the deep ache in my back from bouncing and rocking and swaying our fussy little boy shifted course. It moved in an upward trajectory — achy back, knotted shoulders, tired mind.   But it’s the tired mind that got me. It’s the… Read more →


The Scream

No one tells you this, but it’s hard a first. Judah entered this world blue and breathless. Through panic-stricken eyes, I watched as he was plopped onto my chest and promptly whisked away a few seconds later. I remember craning my neck past my doctor who was dutifully working to make me whole again. He was blocking my view of… Read more →


The Magic Box!

Judah lives in a magic box. You see, by day, his room transforms itself into an office, one with papers all over desks and computer screens displaying important information. Very boring stuff. But by night! Oh, by night that room is transformed into a little boy’s dreamland, where adventurous stories are read aloud and dreams take flight in the heart… Read more →